4 Key Components For Combating Chronic Pain

Battling chronic pain is no easy task, but it gets easier if you know the best way to tackle the condition. Today, we share four ways to help combat chronic pain, and we explain how these factors can help you conquer your daily discomfort.

The 4 Keys To Conquering Chronic Pain

chronic pain keysThere is no magic pill that will get rid of your chronic pain. If you want to reduce your daily pain, focus on these for areas.

1. Exercise – If there’s one thing we can recommend when it comes to conquering chronic pain, it’s regular exercise. As someone who struggles with back pain, I find that it is best controlled when I’m actively working on strengthening the area. We know that chronic pain can make it difficult to exercise, but try to find an activity that works for you, whether it be running, cycling, walking or swimming!

2. MindfulnessA recent article published on Medscape suggests that mindfulness probably won’t help you with back pain. It’s true that mindfulness alone won’t magically cure your back pain, but we’ve found that patients who try to eliminate stress in their life and who focus on putting pain behind them instead of feeling sorry for themselves seem to respond better to treatment. Mindfulness isn’t something you can just achieve, but there are a number of activities you can participate in to help push pain out of your mind. From speaking with a therapist, to taking a Tai Chi class, to simply making it a point to get out of bed and not let pain slow you down, treating your mental health is just as important as your physical health when it comes to conquering chronic pain.

3. Diet – Your diet also plays an important role in chronic pain expression. A number of chronic pain flare ups are caused by inflammation, and that inflammation can be triggered by certain foods in our diet. Try to eat a wide range of fruits, vegetables, proteins and fish, and stay away from the sugars and saturated fats. Sometimes a diet change is all you really need.

4. Professional Assistance – Finally, don’t try to take on your chronic pain on your own. Medical professionals can help you get to the bottom of your condition and devise a number of different treatment methods to suit your needs. You wouldn’t try to fix your own cavity or fill your own taxes (Okay – some of you are probably brave enough to do your own taxes, but I prefer to hand it all over to a professional), so don’t try to combat your chronic pain all alone. We’ve studied this stuff for decades, let us help!